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Trincomalee Beach Resort & Spa


Hospitality has always been a vocation for Trincomalee Beach Resort and Spa, a four star luxury hotel with their distinctive coastline and local spirit. The hotel, bear testament to an understated luxury and a charm that is waiting to be experienced. Their central location, exclusive views and the excellent gastronomic delights of their restaurants are a distinctive feature of the Platinum Group’s hotel. We offer an expert blend of the traditional and the innovative, and this provides guests with an unforgettable experience of a personalised and innovative welcome to graceful residences and breathtaking coastline.

Recently approved as a Level One Hotel by the Tourism Board of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee Beach Resort and Spa is currently in a position to offer 47 rooms, as well as a elegant and versatile conference room, with the most sophisticated equipment, and capable of accommodating a total of       60 – 100 delegates in an area covering in excess of 900 sqft. The hotel is also capable of accommodating up to 800 guests at its outdoor Marquee customised for destination weddings. The Hotel currently has 60 employees.   

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The Hotel’s Philosophy

The constant search for a perfect combination of tradition and innovation is fundamental to the Platinum Group’s philosophy. Its aim is to offer its guests an exclusive stay experience, and this is down to its hotel, that is characterised by its style that is both unique and elegant, where a great deal of attention is paid to detail and where there is a strong element of technology and close links to the local territory.

The Group’s hotel, which offer charming family settings, is where a customised hospitality and welcome combine with high levels of professionalism, standards of quality and cutting-edge technology. 

What is more, for Trincomalee Beach Resort and Spa, relationships are at the heart of everything: The relationship with their guests with whom the management seeks to maintain direct contact is as important as its relationship with its employees, for whom the company provides events that are designed to assist them.


Quality Assurance

Respect, responsibility and commitment are three key elements within Trincomalee Beach Resort and Spa. The Hotel will meet specific standards that ensure a consistently high level of quality in accommodation and services, whilst maintaining, at the same time, the character and uniqueness of where they are located. The Hotels aims to enhance the service still further, given that it is a key element of its corporate mission. 

The Hotel is also aware of the role that correct motivation plays and the attention that has to be paid to the professionalism and betterment of all its employees if it is to achieve high levels of success and profitability. The primary goal of its quality controls, which are ongoing when it comes to facilities and services, is to ensure that what is on offer meets with the needs of customers, ensuring that it is in keeping with the highest standards.

From an environmental perspective, Trincomalee Beach Resort and Spa pays a great deal of attention to green issues, which form part of its wider repositioning strategy. The Hotel, in actual fact, is working hard to put in place processes to constantly improve its performance in terms of sustainability and to map out the environmental impact.

Monitoring Levels of Satisfaction

Internal procedures are constantly changing and evolving, the different areas of the business are continually in need of improvement and quality assessment must be in line with these changes.

It is for this reason that Trincomalee Beach Resort and Spa has developed an internal system of quality management that includes the implementation of processes designed to ensure that all the different areas of the business conform to the standards required.

In order to gauge the effectiveness of the work undertaken and to monitor guests’ levels of satisfaction, the Hotel has put in place a method of evaluation that uses an electronic form, from the influential Customer Metrix, that is sent to guests following their stay. Guests are invited to express their opinion, using a points system, about the different aspects, both qualitative and emotional, of their stay.

Platinum Group


Platinum Group of Companies have been in operations since 1997, sole centered a rock solid belief in social responsibility and the desire to make a positive impact on our acquaintances, clients and mainly in all communities. We act responsibly and with high integrity, conducting our clients as a great employer, company citizen and a neighbor sole thrives in the fair treatment of divers and talented customers, in giving back to our communities and in business ethics.

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